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Rapeseed & Coconut Wax ( Blocks )

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Candlestuff Rapeseed & Coconut Blend is a specially formulated blend of rapeseed and coconut for wax melts and tea-lights. This wax was not designed for candles however many people use it for candles and have great results. The wax is not derived from Genetically Modified crops, it contains no soy or palm derived materials, contains no other additives and is vegan friendly as well as Halal and Kosher certified.
It is not suited for pillar or container candles as we have not tested it. Should you test and get success with it feel free to let us know your findings
The wax should be melted to around 75°C when using dyes to ensure they fully dissolve into the wax. When not using dyes we have found great results melting it to around 65-75°C too.
Care should be taken to avoid scorching while the material is being melted. It is recommended that moderate stirring is carried out. Sustained temperatures above 90-100°C should be avoided.

During our tests we found fragrances should be added at anywhere from 60-75°C and the wax stirred well to ensure it is homogenous.
Each fragrance should be tested for compatibility before use in production scale as some fragrance components may have limited solubility in the wax blend (incorporating into the wax at high temperatures but separating out once cooled). Once cooled, further testing should involve cycling the ambient temperature of the test candle between c. 5°C and 25°C to test for any fragrance leaching. The higher the fragrance loading, the greater the likelihood that components may separate
out. Good results have been achieved at 8% and 10% fragrance loading but higher fragrance loading may be possible should you wish, subject to testing.

This wax is quite flexible with regard to pour temperatures, with good results achievable pouring between 45°C and 70°C. If pouring in a cold room, it is best to pour at the hotter end of the scale to avoid lines forming when the wax touches the side of the mould.

Cure for a minimum of 24 hours. 

This product is supplied in 10 blocks. If you order 20kg, this will come in one box with 2x 10kg blocks.

This will be a second box which will include an extra shipping charge. 

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