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Golden Wax 464 Soy Wax

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Works well with most dyes (liquid, powder, block, chips).

The recommended fragrance oil load for this wax is 7-9%.

Melting and Pouring
1. Heat the wax to 75-85 degrees Celsius
2. Add desired fragrance and mix thoroughly
3. Add desired dye component and mix thoroughly
4. Cool with stirring to 50-65 degrees Celsius and pour.

1. Cool candles at an ambient room temperature between 20-24 degrees.
2. Containers should be separated by a minimum of 2.5cm/1” to promote cooling
3. Allow the candles to cool for 24-48 hours before further testing/packaging.

Storage & Shelf Life
Store product in a cool (24 degrees or below), dry area away from odour causing substances.
Best if used within one year from date of manufacture.

Wet Spots & Cracks
Can be caused by cooling the wax too quickly. Containers should be at or above room
temperature when the candles are poured (preheat if necessary). Altering the pour temperature
may help you to eliminate this problem

Bloom (frost)
• Can be caused by the type of fragrance used or the pouring/cooling temperatures.
• Preheating containers may help to reduce this issue.
• Typically pouring at a lower temperature results in less frost.
• Wick may be too small.
• Wick may be too large.
Wick Mushrooming
• Wick may be too large or just needs trimming.

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