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Fabric Conditioner (Unscented)

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If you want your clothes to be soft and smelling great, our Fabric Conditioner will do the trick! Featuring naturally derived softening agents, this product leaves clothes soft and static-free, and is ready-made for you to add your own fragrance. This product is white in colour.

Fragrance amount : Use 0.1-0.2% fragrance oil. So 1L of fabric conditioner will be 1ml - 2ml fragrance.

NOTE: You will need to purchase the 1L Fabric conditioner bottle separately as all bottles will come in a normal type.You can purchase them here > 1L Fabric conditioner bottle.


  • Leaves clothes soft and static-free.
  • Gentle on sensitive skin.
  • Freshens up clothes and removes odours.
  • Eco-Friendly and Readily Biodegradable.
  • Vegan, Cruelty-Free and British Made.
  • Free from: VOC’s, chlorine bleaches, solvents, lanoline, sulphates, parabens and phosphates.
  • Safe for septic tanks if used as directed.
  • Effective in both hard and soft water.


Pour 20 to 50ml into the machine dispenser.

Do not pour directly onto fabric.


  • Small domestic machines
  • Large industrial tunnel washers


Aqua, 5-15% Cationic Surfactants, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate.

Simply add your fragrance and you are ready to sell. Instructions on your labelling requirement are below.

Labelling of your product : >Click Here< to download the template, copy everything from the template including the Warning pictogram, You can download the warning pictogram >here< if required.

You will also need to check the Allergen Declaration page from the SDS file from the fragrance to see which (if any) allergens need to go on your label also. (See Example Below for Coconut & Lime with the explanation below the photo)

On the right-hand side of the Allergen Declaration, you can see the Concentration % Column. If any of these allergens go over the percentages listed below, it is required to be on your label, if it doesn't, there is no requirement to have it on your label.

If using 0.2% fragrance in your fabric conditioner, it means you need to add any allergens which show over 4.99% on the allergen declaration.

If using 0.15% fragrance in your fabric conditioner, it means you need to add any allergens which show over 6.6% on the allergen declaration.

If using 0.1% fragrance in your fabric conditioner, it means you need to add any allergens which show over 9.95% on the allergen declaration.

So in the Coconut & Lime Example, if you use 0.2% fragrance in your fabric conditioner you would need to put Limonene on your label, however if you used 0.1% fragrance you would not need to put this on as it falls below the 9.95% on the allergen declaration.

The reason for this is that the allergen only needs to be declared if the amount of that specific allergen is over 0.01% in the finished product.

If you want to work it out fully by yourself, which we have simplified above, The calculation used for this is the allergen concentration % multiplied by the amount of fragrance you are using divided by 100. So for Coconut & Lime it is worked out as below:

Limonene: 9.147x0.2/100=0.018348 using 0.2% fragrance, because it's over 0.01% Limonene it would be on the label.

However at 0.1% fragrance it would be 9.147x0.1/100=0.009% in the finished product So it is below the 0.01% and not required to be on the label.

You would also add your business details as normal. 

Note: You may or may not need to add some polysorbate 20 to your fragrance before adding it to the fabric conditioner. Sometimes the fragrance can leave a residue and streaks on the bottle, but not often. We haven't had to add this during any of our tests so far for loads of fragrances. If required, you would mix 1 part fragrance with 2 parts polysorbate 20, once mixed, simply add to the fabric conditioner. This would mean if you had 1L of fabric conditioner, and you were doing 0.1% fragrance, it would be 1ml fragrance with 2ml polysorbate 20.


SDS Document for Fabric Conditioner (unscented)


SDS Document for your finished product with up to 0.2% fragrance. ( Just amend the name from Fabric Conditioner to Fabric Conditioner and whichever fragrance you have used ) For Example : Fabric Conditioner Coconut & Lime.

A very small amount of fragrances will require a separate SDS Sheet (which we will provide), most do not, if you need to know before we have updated this section of the website please just contact us on Facebook or Email and we can confirm right away if you require a new SDS. We are working through any that require it and will list them here soon.

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