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Rapeseed & Coconut Container Wax ( Blocks )

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Rapeseed & Coconut Container Wax is an off-white blend of rapeseed and coconut wax, suitable for making container candles. The wax blend does not contain GM material, Soy or Palm and is vegan friendly.

Rapeseed & Coconut Container Wax is a moderate viscosity, low melt point wax blend. Bulk wax can be melted and kept at around 60-80°C without significant degradation. Care should be taken to avoid scorching while the material is being melted. It is recommended that moderate stirring is carried out and that heat input is reduced just before the bulk has completely melted through. Sustained temperatures above 90°C should be avoided

Fragrances should be tested for compatibility before being added to the bulk. Some
fragrance components may have limited solubility in the wax blend and may incorporate at high temperatures but drop out on cooling. The higher the fragrance loading, the greater the likelihood that components can separate out and/or give poor burning performance.

Fragrances should be added at around 65°C and poured soon after.

Wherever possible, the candles should be poured at a temperature of around 45-55°C, into pre-warmed containers. Where it is not practical to warm the container, the wax may be poured at elevated temperature, up to about 65°C. However, the time that the wax blend is at elevated temperatures should be kept short, to reduce loss of fragrance top notes, and minimize contraction and potential cracking and production of voids.

After pouring, the wax should be allowed to cool slowly – rapid cooling can cause cracking and the formation of a solid skin, allowing air to be drawn under that cap, forming voids that affect burning performance. Depending on the amount of wax fill, the candles may be finished by using a small second pour of wax blend, or by flashing the surface with a heat source (usually Infrared heater or warm air blower.
Congealing Point 34-38°C

The candle should be allowed to cool and cure for at least 24 hours before burning, to allow the crystals to completely form and give a nice smooth surface.


This product comes in 12.5kg Blocks, if you order 25kg this will be 2x 12.5kg blocks.

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